What Is Chiropractic?



Chiropractic is a health science that addresses acute or repetitive stresses and strains in the body.


Chiropractic operates on the premise that good health requires a fully functioning nervous system and chiropractic seeks to ensure this. From this standpoint one does not merely symptomatically treat illness, one rather promotes and maintains wellness.


Today we generally enter the health care idiom from the point of view of ‘what’s wrong’. This ‘illness’ point of view tends to be the one that is readily recognized. Wellness on the other hand is its own proof and reward.

Chiropractic is pioneering our getting to and staying healthy, through proper posture, alignment, nutrition and good exercise.


What Is Repetitive Stress Syndrome?

Pain and disease are the. result of stress, either acute (as in a fall or accident) or repetitive. Repetitive stress, such as using one side of the body too much when performing tasks (i.e. gardening, lifting), causes that side of the body to be overworked and become tired.


Though appearing strong and muscular, the overworked side is tight, cramped up and unable to do what it is asked to do.

Repetitive stress, from any source, if unresolved, holds tension in the body leading to dysfunction and disease.

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