Positional Challenge (Biokinesiology)



Positional Challenge uses muscle testing to challenge positional, postural and alignment adaptations before and after

adjustment. It works as a natural biofeedback about the effectiveness of the treatment.


The muscle test gives either a strong affirmative response or a weak one to pressure. The pressure should be a gradual light one applied for about 2 seconds to give a definite result. Using specific yes/no questions on a cleared muscle will read out the body-mind’s response.


The body doesn’t naturally lie about its response. Its response often is not what is consciously thought. The ‘ego’ or selfish mind will respond readily to what it wants or what it is afraid of. It is either pleasure or pain oriented. It may be attached through emotion to the past or fearful in its anticipation of the future. Alfred North Whitehead defined consciousness as ‘the vivid fringe of memory tinged with anticipation’.


Muscle testing is an art because the ego wants to control it like everything else.

Dr. Garth Edgar, Chiropractor



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